Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Churchill HS: Paper shortage too costly for students

From The Observer, Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland's student newspaper:

October 6, 2009 • written by Maya Montayne,
Along with several new changes in the CHS community such as the stricter cell phone rules and the restriction on baked goods, another development has taken effect teachers are now encouraging students to print homework, worksheets and other items from Edline instead of printing out hard copies for their students. Although this change is clearly using the technological advancements of today, some students find that it is not only extremely contradictory to recent policies on material requirements, but that it is does not make complete and effective use of the Internet-based advances that are currently available...

...Another central concern among students is that having to print work at home contradicts the recently implemented county policy that prohibits teachers from requiring students to purchase supplies outside of school. This new paper initiative begs the question of whether making students print assignments at home is technically requiring them to spend money on buying more printing materials such as paper and ink in order to obtain their assignments. Students, teachers and parents are more than aware of the expenses needed to supply a fully functional printer. Needless to say, the constant printing of assignments at home is not only “requiring” students to buy materials outside of school, but it will also add to the already expensive cost of maintaining a home printer...

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