Monday, October 26, 2009

Footloose comes to Potomac

Did you see the play or movie Footloose?  Footloose is the story of a young man from the city living in a puritanical small town where dancing and rock 'n' roll are forbidden. In the story, he ends up confronting the Town Council over their policies.

Does that remind you of Potomac? No? Well it should!  This week the Churchill principal, Joan Benz forbid the musical Chicago to run. Already in rehearsals since September, the musical was set to open November 13th. The principal pulled the plug when her edits of the play were not approved by the owners of the play. Edits

That would make Principal Joan Benz the Reverend Shaw Moore character in Footloose.
But where is Ren (played by Kevin Bacon in the movie)?  

Here is Churchill's Ren. He, and what looked to be the entire cast, crew and parents of Churchill's Chicago production, showed up at the Town Council Meeting...well...that would be the Board of Education meeting on October 26th.  And here is what happened:

I just wish they had put it to music! Bravo, Ren...I mean Churchill theater students! 

Janis Sartucci
Proud Thespian Mom

Update: October 27, 2009 2:30 PM - The show will go on! Principal Benz reverses her decision. "Break a leg" Churchill students!

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