Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hungry? Charge it!

As part of our continuing inquiry into why Montgomery County Public Schools employees are permitted to use taxpayer-funded American Express cards for lunches and dinners at expensive restaurants, today we are proud to bring you:


The critics agree: Il Pizzico is a delightful Italian bistro serving a variety of delicious pastas in an intimate setting. Indeed, Washingtonian Magazine called it the best Italian restaurant in Maryland! So MCPS employees are fortunate that Il Pizzico is less than two miles away from headquarters, so they can head over there to please their palates on a regular basis.

Based on a Public Information Act request, we are able to document for you the following meals that taxpaying citizens of Montgomery County provided our hungry, hungry honchos:

1/24/07 Dinner, $57.94
1/30/07 Dinner, $142.80
3/16/07 Lunch, $51.94
4/23/07 Lunch, $56.93
5/23/07 Lunch, $39.50
5/30/07 Lunch, $31.10
5/31/07 Diner, $86.24
6/29/07 Lunch, $57.19
7/24/07 Lunch, $64.92
8/01/07 Lunch, $37.66
10/08/07 Dinner, $62.92
10/31/07 Dinner, $123.64
11/30/07 Lunch, $45.69
1/16/08 Dinner, $466.58
2/29/08 Lunch, $36.53

Disclaimer: These charges, which can be viewed HERE, only represent those American Express credit card charges reported at Il Pizzico during that time frame, from ONE office within MCPS: the Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Schools.

Tomorrow: Spotlight on another local MCPS favorite: Gelico!

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