Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MCPS and BOE pledge to provide public school data, pursuant to Maryland state law

Parents and other community members sometimes need to obtain statistical data, audits, and various documents that are produced by or are in the custody of MCPS.  MCPS and the BOE have developed policies that seek to ensure that citizens are able to promptly obtain such information, usually at no cost.

MCPS Exhibit ABA-EA explains how MCPS handles requests for information.   Some of the rules that are spelled out in Exhibit ABA-EA are:
(1)Upon written request for access to any public record, the custodian shall either:
(i) Grant the request and produce the record immediately or within a reasonable period, not to exceed 30 days, as may be required to retrieve the information; or
(ii) Determine within 30 days of the written request whether to deny the request and immediately notify the applicant of a denial.
(2) With the consent of the applicant, any time limit imposed by this section may be further extended for an additional period not to exceed 30 days.
(3) If the public records requested are not in the custody or control of the person to whom written application is made, such person shall, within 10 working days of the receipt of the request, notify the applicant of this fact and if known, the custodian of the record and the location or possible location thereof.

BOE Policy KBA promises that "the Montgomery County Public Schools shall make available to the public, insofar as it is reasonable and possible, all data about the public schools, excepting only personal information about students or staff members and the events prior to the purchase of real property for school sites."

The MCPS Public Information Office, under the directorship of Mr. Dana Tofig, is a focal point for information requests. The email address to which requests may be sent is

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  1. But do they do that? Do they respond within 30 days?

    This is day 68 of a Maryland Public Information Act request and MCPS has failed to respond as required by law.


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