Friday, October 23, 2009

Monocacy ES takes a dive

What happened to Monocacy Elementary School this summer?

On June 26, 2009, MCPS published its annual Master Plan showing long term enrollment projections for all schools.  The June 26, 2009 projections for Monocacy Elementary School are shown on the chart below. They are the blue plot line.
Then, on October 23, 2009, Superintendent Jerry Weast announces his plan to close Monocacy Elementary School based on enrollment projections.  But look at the long term enrollment projections now being used by Superinentdent Weast, see the red plot line below. What a difference!
What happened between June and October that radically changed the long term enrollment projections for Monocacy Elementary School?


  1. The community served by Monocacy Elementary, in fact the entire Ag Reserve community, deserves better than this. Our schools, we were promised, would never be held to the same rubic as those in the more populated areas of the county. In establishing the Reserve in 1981, the County set aside 93,000 for open space and agricultural preservation and gave assurances that its residents would not be treated as second class citizens. Now in 2009...we are faced with this closure of a gem of a school whose students have performed exceptionally in all areas of testing. What others options were explored before determining that closure was the solution? Aren't they using portables in Clarsburg? Why not expand the boundaries to increase enrollment at Monocacy?

  2. I went to Monocacy Elementary. My parents specifically took me out of a high populated elementary school and commuted me 45 minutes every morning to Monocacy so i could receive a higher level of education. as well as me having ADHD i wasn't preforming particularly well in such a large school. (studies show alot of people with adult ADHD dont graduate from college) and i graduated from a big 10 school. when i went to Monocacy it was the best thing that had happened to me and recieved the personal attention i need without 80 other kids running around providing distractions with such a ridiculous student to teacher ratio. i personally am disappointed in these actions against Monocacy. i am not one to usually protest. but i would stand up against this any day.


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