Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saving Money with the Seven Keys

In February 2008, back before the recession was in full bloom, a Montgomery County Public Schools entourage went to the American Association of School Administrators "National Conference on Education" in Tampa, Florida to tout their "Professional Learning Communities Institute."
That was then, this is now: The next stop for the Jerry Weast Road Show is Phoenix, Arizona in February 2010.

Hesitant about spending your taxpayers' money on airfare and hotel in Phoenix, AZ, during the "High Season?" Never fear! Jerry Weast explains that attending this multi-day conference will actually save your school district money! Watch his testimonial HERE!

Not only will attendees be actually saving money, but school administrators will be learning other important skills as well, according to Mr. Weast: "You will learn how to make education less painful for the adults who are delivering it and the children who are receiving it." Pass the Pedagogical Percoset Please!

In any event, the Seven Keys are being served up in Phoenix for the school administrators who don't seem to be able to watch the MCPS-produced video on the MCPS website. SHHHHH! Whatever you do, don't let the taxpayers in other jurisdictions know that school administrators can learn about the Seven Keys for Free, on the MCPS Website, without travelling to Arizona! Why spoil their fun? But seriously, folks, I really do think we should draw the line on paying for the Hot Air Balloon Ride.

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