Sunday, October 18, 2009

Supply Closet = Taxpayers' Wallets!

We've all heard stories of classroom teachers spending money out of their own pockets for needed classroom supplies. In order to set up their classrooms at the beginning of the school year, teachers across MCPS buy pocket folders, file boxes, and other supplies at discount stores, or during "teacher week" promotions. And once school begins, parents supplement the needs of the classroom by sending in more glue sticks, markers, pencil, tissues, etc. Local businesses all across Montgomery County participate in filling backpacks full of supplies for needy children.

The MCPS administrators at 850 Hungerford Drive operate under a different set of rules. Want it? Charge it! Got it! seems to be the procurement method, as illustrated by the following list of charges to the taxpayer-funded American Express Cards used by the employees in the Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Schools.

12/13/06 Post-its Office Depot $12.57
1/26/07 Office supplies Levenger Catalogue $63.00
2/9/07 DLT retreat Office Depot $48.36
2/21/07 Tent cards Office Depot $22.99
2/27/07 DLT 3-1 Office Depot $35.54
2/28/07 Office supplies Levenger Catalogue $9.71
2/28/07 Office supplies Levenger Catalogue $41.29
3/21/07 Donna's paper pads Levenger Catal. $63.00
3/22/07 Office supplies Office Depot $42.81
4/26/07 Office supplies Levenger Catalogue $65.00
5/2/07 Office supplies The Drawing Board $133.55
5/24/07 various off. supplies Office Depot $91.16
6/7/07 filing supplies Staples $27.41
6/14/07 Office supplies Office Depot $60.74
6/21/07 Binders, storage Container Store $161.69
6/21/07 Binders 6 Sigma Staples $150.55
7/9/07 keyboard/supplies Office Depot $108.68
7/26/07 Leading for Diversity (3) $91.83
7/28/07 Drawer organizer Container store $41.93
8/9/07 Office supply storage Container St. $133.82
8/27/07 Drawer organizer Container store $53.91
8/30/07 Office supplies Prudent Publishing $118.20
8/31/07 Office supplies Container store $9.44
9/21/07 Office Supplies Office Depot $37.83
9/20/07 White letter pads Levenger Catal. $71.00
10/23/07 StrengthsFinder 2.0/staff mtg. $75.80
11/14/07 Office supplies Levenger Catal. $75.00
12/13/07 office supplies Container Store $111.88
12/16/07 Office supplies Container Store $31.96
2/12/08 Office supplies Staples $19.99

The Levenger Catalogue sells "tools for serious readers." Click HERE to review the catalogue and see how much their "paper pads" cost. Did the County Council have catalogue shopping in mind when they approved MCPS's budget for 2007-2008?

Click HERE to review the American Express credit card logs for yourself.

Coming Monday: the "best of the rest" credit card purchases from ONE office within MCPS headquarters. Hams, Seafood, Books...they buy it all!

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  1. Want to read about StrengthsFinder 2.0, purchased for "staff meeting?"
    Here is the link to the product description. Be sure to read the reviewer's comments!


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