Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gelico's Serves Satisfaction to Carver Office

Today's featured restaurant, Gelico Cafe & Pizzeria, is conveniently located right on the Rockville Pike, almost directly across the street from the MCPS headquarters at the Carver Center. It, too, is a small (maybe 30 seats) Italian restaurant with a devoted clientele, but its ambiance is such that a portion of its business is delivery or carryout. Catering for larger crowds is available. Luckily, Gelico's takes major credit cards.

So when MCPS employees are hankering for a pizza, a custom-made sandwich, or a calzone, who ya gonna call? Gelico's! And over a period of a year and a half, MCPS employees from one office called Gelico's on many occastions, and charged it to you, dear taxpayer, via their MCPS-issued American Express card.

1/3/07 Citizens Advisory LCW $29.14
1/4/07 Lunch $15.29
1/18/07 Lrng Ctrs - PM?? $140.86
1/19/07 Dinner $63.47
1/25/07 Churchill Mtg LCW $159.59
2/6/07 Lrng Ctrs w/attys $104.55
2/21/07 Executive Leadership Team $185.85
3/14/07 DMAAC $100.00
4/23/07 Churchill Tech Mtg $130.25
4/24/07 Staff Mtg Luncheon $33.35
4/27/07 Lunch $79.14
5/14/07 Luncheon meeting $20.38
5/15/07 Working budget lunch $78.08
5/25/07 Six Sigma $55.35
5/31/07 School Safety Cmte $124.29
6/7/07 DMAAC $154.96
6/11/07 Luncheon meeting $31.10
6/28/07 DMAAC $152.28
8/21/07 Deputy's Steering Cmte $102.55
8/28/07 Exec Staff/Opening Week $142.30
9/5/07 Exec Staff/Opening Week $160.00
9/17/07 DMAAC $131.00
9/25/07 Health Education $34.85
10/4/07 CAC LCW $91.40
10/11/07 Deputy's Steering Cmte $147.05
10/12/07 Office meeting for FKL $52.25
10/15/07 DMAAC $155.25
11/13/07 Six Sigma $41.28
11/26/07 DMAAC $132.75
12/17/07 DMAAC $162.75
1/10/08 Business lunch $24.27
1/17/08 Lunch for Singleton $60.27
1/23/08 Executive staff mtg $81.56
1/28/08 DMAAC meeting $170.50
1/29/08 Business lunch $121.25
3/17/08 DMAAC meeting $106.50

Disclaimer: The charges listed above represent American Express purchasing card transactions made at Gelico Cafe and Pizzeria from only five employees out of one office: the Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Schools, for the period of time shown.

Question for the Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Schools: Has the DMAAC produced a report of any kind? Surely with over a thousand dollars worth of fresh, home-made breads, meatballs, and sauces under their belts, they were fortified enough to recommend in writing specific strategies to improve achievement, right? How do interested (and hungry!) citizens get on this select committee?

Want to read through the American Express purchasing logs for yourself? Click HERE.

Tomorrow: Don't be thinking that Carver Center tastes are restricted to Italian food only! Next up: it can be a "fiesta" with South-of-the-Border flair any day at 850 Hungerford Drive with Baja Fresh!

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  1. I just browsed through the link above & noticed the BJs receipts from the special ed assoc superintendent say "Howard County Public Schools" (pg. 7) There are all sorts of odd things one can find by looking through receipts.


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