Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weast forgot to mention...

On Friday, October 23, 2009, Superintendent Weast released a memorandum about his decision to close a MCPS elementary school (shown in the picture to the left).  However, he left out a few details. One was that the school just got a new $200,000 roof this summer. Next, he neglected to mention that the school building that he wants to shutter is valued at $10,253,000 in county land records. 

Superintendent Weast also forgot to mention that the school includes two parcels of land across the street.  Those two parcels were taken by MCPS through a condemnation proceeding in 1994.  Those two parcels were taken to expand the school property.  But instead of being used for the school, the land has been leased out to a farmer.  You can see the farmed MCPS land in the picture to the right (the brown rectangle).

Why weren't these parcels mentioned in Superintendent Weast's memorandum?  How much income is MCPS receiving as a result of leasing out this property? Why wasn't the land ever used for the benefit of Monocacy Elementary School? 

Maybe some pages of Superintendent Weast's memo fell behind the copy machine...

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