Thursday, December 16, 2010

MCPS top 100 earners

Top 100 "out of school" earners in MCPS as of November 2010.
(Does not include contractors, principals, or assistant principals)

A significant health care and retirement benefits package is also provided to all employees. 

Data provided courtesy of MCPS Public Information Office

Weast Jerry         216,792.00
Superintendent of Schools (special benefits package not included in this figure)
Bowers Larry          202,540.00
Chief Operating Officer
Lacey Frieda       202,540.00
Deputy Superintendent of Schools
Leleck  Jo Ann       182,260.00
Special Advisor to the Deputy Superintendent
Stetson Frank       178,686.00
Chief School Performance Officer
Bulson Sean           162,623.00
Community Superintendent
Collette Sherwin        162,623.00
Chief Technology Officer
Foose  Renee          162,623.00
Associate Superintendent - Shared Accountability
Goodman Carole         162,623.00
Associate Superintendent - Human Resources
Hermann Ursula        162,623.00
Community Superintendent
Kimball LaVerne      162,623.00
Community Superintendent
Lang Erick        162,623.00
Associate Superintendent - Curriculum and Instruction
Liebes Sherry       162,623.00
Community Superintendent
Mills Bronda        162,623.00
Community Superintendent
Richardson Chrisandra     162,623.00
Associate Superintendent - Special Education and Student Services
Talley Adrian         162,623.00
Community Superintendent
Virga Jr  James          162,623.00
Consulting Principal
Edwards Brian           156,142.00
Chief of Staff
Ikheloa Ikhide        156,142.00
Chief of Staff
Brake Kathy         147,623.00
Director of School Performance
Confino Robin        147,623.00
Exec Director Chief Operating Office
Greene Denise        147,623.00
Director of School Performance
Greismann Zvi            147,623.00
Hollingshead Donna        147,623.00
Exec Director - Deputy Superintendent of Schools
Smith Myra         147,623.00
Director of School Performance
Spatz Marshall     147,623.00
Director of Management, Budget and Planning
Steinberg David         147,623.00
Director II
Webb Lori-Chris    147,623.00
Exec Director - Deputy Superintendent of Schools
Abrunzo Pat            146,623.00
Director of School Performance
Burke John         146,623.00
Director II
Carrasco Moreno        146,623.00
Director I - Secondary Leadership Training
Collins Betty          146,623.00
Director II - Instructional Leadership Support
Creel Martin       146,623.00
Director II - Enriched and Innovative Programs
DeGraba  Susanne      146,623.00
Chief Financial Officer
Ferrell Linda          146,623.00
Frappolli Raymond      146,623.00
Director, Human Resources and Development
Kline Carroll      146,623.00
Director II- School Improvement Initiatives - PLCI
Lazor Kathleen       146,623.00
Director II - Department of Materials Managemen
Martinez Jeffrey       146,623.00
Director II - Human Resources and Development 
Morrison Sylvia           146,623.00
Director II - Department of Instructional Programs
Strubel Eliz          146,623.00
Director of School Performance
Whigham Wayne          146,623.00
Director I - Appeals/Transfer Team
Zarchin Michael         146,623.00
Consulting Principal
Newsome Jr.   Edward        146,123.00
Director of School Performance
Brown  Elizabeth    145,123.00
Director II - Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Davis Eric         145,123.00
Director I - Department of Family and Community Partnerships
Heath Doreen       145,123.00
Director II - Department of Strategic Project Management and Planning 
Kuhar Cary           145,123.00
Director II - Department of Infrastructure and Operations 
Mason Gwendolyn    145,123.00
Director II - Department of Special Education Services
Pattik Judith      145,123.00
Song James        145,123.00
Director I - Department of Facilities Management
Watkins Todd         145,123.00
Director II - Transportation Central Administration
Stokes Elton        143,623.00
Director II - Department of Information and Application Services
Hellmuth Robert        140,940.00
Director - Department of School Safety and Security
Adams Jevoner        139,495.00
Supervisor - Student Services Appeals Unit
Allie Catherine     139,495.00
Director I - Skillful Teaching and Leading 
Beattie  William      139,495.00
Dir Systemwide Athletics
Howard Betty          139,495.00
Coordinator - Student Services Appeals Unit
Lanham Tarason Felicia      139,495.00
Director I - Title I 
Butler Jane              138,495.00
Staffing Coordinator, Secondary Team
Graves Donna        138,495.00
Director I - Equity Initiatives
Lavorgna Cheri        138,495.00
Director I - Technology, Reporting and Systems Support
Levine Gary         138,495.00
Administrator Special Assignment - Employee Services Administration
Montgomery Pamela        138,495.00
Director I - Systemwide Safety Programs
Schaefer Ellen          138,495.00
Coordinator - Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers Program
Silvio Jody          138,495.00
Coordinator - Curriculum and Instructional Programs
Thomas Michael      138,495.00
Principal Special Assgmnt
Bailey  Gail          137,995.00
Director, School Library Media Programs
Woodson Karen         137,995.00
Director - Division of ESOL/Bilingual Programs
Joseph Shawn         137,879.00
Director of School Performance
Bartels Brian         136,995.00
Director - Psychological Services
Cepaitis Theresa       136,995.00
Director I - Elementary Integrated Curriculum Team
Doody Robert       136,995.00
Hemphill Sharon        136,995.00
Director I - Staff Development Teacher Project Team
Higgins Roy            136,995.00
Director I - Division of Maintenance
Irvin Frances     136,995.00
Kevin John           136,995.00
Investment Officer
Lake-Parcan Lily         136,995.00
Director, Middle School Instruction & Achievement
Langford-Brown Ebony        136,995.00
Director, Elem. School Instruction and Achievement
McGaughey Philip         136,995.00
Director, Division of Procurement
Milwit Nicola       136,995.00
Exec Asst Chief Operating Office
Mohr Diane          136,995.00
Executive Assistant
Piacente Felicia        136,995.00
Director - Division of Prekindergarten Special Programs and Related Services 
Silverstein Roni          136,995.00
Director - Administrator Training and Support
Steinberg Laura         136,995.00
Staff Assistant, BOE
Salandy-Defour Ricardo      136,993.68
IT Systems Engineer
Felder Monique      136,495.00
Director I
King Suzann       136,495.00
Staff Assistant, BOE
Williams Stephanie    136,495.00
Director I - Department of Policy, Records and Reporting
Crispell Bruce        135,495.00
Director Div Long Range Planning
Cordova Berrios Nivea         134,549.00
Director I - Residency and International Admissions
Bell Gregory        133,104.00
Supervisor, Diversity Initiatives
Kolan Kathy             133,104.00
Supervisor, Transition Services Unit
Lipsky Dick          133,104.00
Supervisor, MCPS TV
Wilson Mary         133,104.00
Unable to determine
Neff Steven       133,049.00
Director I - Pupil Personnel Services
Bader Julie        132,104.00
Supervisor - Child Find/Early Childhood Disabilities Unit
Defosse Pamela       132,104.00
Supervisor - Speech and Language Services
Janus  Patricia      132,104.00
Supervisor - Physical disabilities programs


  1. At least over $13million in my quick count. lovely. Why am I the only one who commented on this? apparently the crocodile tears from Leggett and Weast are just that. These people are loaded. All you people that voted for this council, for Leggett's re-election, and for this 100% Board of Education incumbents, YOU pay my taxes. this is what you want. not me.

  2. This is an old list. Doesn't MCPS know who is working for them or was this old list put out on purpose to hide employees?

  3. Wilson Mary 133,104.00 Unable to determine
    Mary Wilson is a Real Estate Management Specialist under the Department of Facilities Management.
    She is also a committee member of TFCG (Transmission Facilities Coordinating Group)
    She is in charge to make sure that cell towers GET on school properties and then turn the other cheek when they don't hold up their end of the lease......BUT still collects payments in a timely manner!


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