Saturday, April 23, 2011

Board to Vote on Report with "error"

"There was one error..." in the BCC Middle School site selection report according to MCPS administrator Janice Turpin. See video statement below. 

One big error. 

The error is so big that it changes the buildable parcel of the site from a stated 17.1 acres to about 6.35 acres.

That would make this the smallest middle school site in the entire county.  

Yet, this is the site that Superintendent Jerry Weast recommends the Board of Education use to build a new middle school.

The yellow highlight in the image shows the parcel of this site that would be used to hold a middle school (driveway, bus drop off and parking included) AND the Coffield Community Center (shown in black with the letter "C"). 


  1. Softball...Soccer overlaid? Ever heard of the Sharks and the Jets?

  2. I was there. It was a very impressive display of community involvement with an opportunity for both sides to speak. We learned:
    • the vast majority of the neighborhood are opposed to a middle school being built in the park.
    • BOE’s Bruce Crispell assured the residents that the Coffield Center would not be touched or changed.
    • due to the Open Space land restrictions, the available space at the park is perhaps 6.35 acres -one of the smallest options on the site selection list
    • The Parks Department has joined the Recreation Dept. by asking MCPS to remove them from the report's committee list. Very poor work, that report

    Lastly, Mary Bradford of Parks testified that, as title holder, she "has no real willingness to give up parkland in a community such as this." Looks like the land is not for sale.


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