Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cell Tower Compound Prevents Use of Public School Land for Students

Woodwards Road Elementary School site
Entire property leased to Comcast
Remember Superintendent Jerry Weast's cell tower compound that he put on a future elementary school site in Gaithersburg, Maryland?

That cell tower compound (shown in red circle in image) is now being used as a reason to not consider the Woodwards Road Elementary School site for use as a public school.  The leases that Superintendent Jerry Weast signed, without the approval of the Board of Education, have now tied up this public school site for use by for-profit telecommunications companies and a utility.  Public School students? Out of luck.

MCPS has released a "Site Selection" report by another one of their secret committees that violates the Maryland Open Meetings Act.  In the December 12, 2011 report below, the following statements are made about why the Woodwards Road Elementary School site is not being considered for a holding school.  
...The entire site is currently leased to Comcast with a portion also leased to several telecommunications providers...
...The Woodwards Road Elementary School property would require access  from Emory Grove Road, the road frontage of which is limited. This factor could limit the number of driveway curb cuts for optimum vehicular circulation.  The site is leased to four telecommunications companies and one utility company. Further study would be needed to determine whether there would be adequate space for the existing telecommunications operations to continue operations on the site...
Further study? Seriously? The Board of Education allowed this public school property to be converted into a cell tower compound without knowing if they could use the land for a public school when needed?  Hello, Board of Education, this land was entrusted to you for the benefit of public school children, not for the benefit of private companies.

When was this entire site leased to Comcast? Where is that lease and who signed it? 

So Emory Grove Center (18100 Washington Grove Lane, Gaithersburg), you are up as the secret committee selected location for the Upcounty Elementary Holding School.  Secret committee report below:

Upcounty Holding Facility Recommendation


  1. Do they proof their own documents?

    Note 5 references 12 acres as the Standard for a Middle School, yet the document they reference clearly states 20 acres...

  2. If interested in showing support for the FCC to make changes to the allowable output from cell phone towers please see http://emrpolicy.org/news/action/index.htm


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