Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pat O'Neill, "everyone was on pins and needles"

Montgomery resident on campaign to save organic farm settles with county

...But Maravell said Wednesday afternoon that after weeks of negotiations, he and the school board have reached a preliminary settlement. As part of the agreement, he will drop the court case in exchange for an extension on his lease until Aug. 15. He added that the school board could further extend the lease until the end of next December. 
School board member Patricia O’Neill (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) said Wednesday the attorneys are still working out the details. She said she was relieved, because she had never been subpoenaed in her 13 years as board member.
“I think everyone was on pins and needles,” she said.
Maravell said the state case continues. He has asked the state board to decide whether public land can be used for public-private partnerships, such as maintaining soccer fields. If the board were to rule in Maravell’s favor, the county would not be able to use the land for soccerfields.
“There was never any public airing of what would be a good change of use for this land,” Maravell said before the settlement announcement...
...County spokesman Patrick Lacefield could not be reached for comment on Wednesday...

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