Friday, March 16, 2012

VIDEO: Mont. Co. Civic Federation BOE Candidates' Forum

March 15, 2012 video in 2 parts.
Panelists at the Montgomery County Civic Federation Board of Education Candidates' Forum are seated in the following order from left to right across the screen:

Morris Panner - At Large
Jeanne Ellinport - District 2
Aryeh Shudofsky - At Large
Fred Evans - District 2
Saqib Ali - District 2
Susan Byrne - District 2 


  1. It was fun and interesting participating. Hope to have more of these!

    - Saqib Ali

  2. Mr. Ali,

    You've got my vote.
    D. Wilson
    Westbrook Elementary parent

  3. Mr. Ali,

    With all due respect, you appear to have changed your tune quite a bit concerning pensions. Please compare what you say at the 34:00 mark in part one of the video to what you wrote back in 2006 when you were running for the House of Delegates.

    Unfortunately Mr. Ali, you sound very much like an opportunist, willing to say whatever it is that you think will get you elected.

    I look forward to hearing how you can have such different views about pensions in such a short period of time.

  4. Seems to me like saying "we're running out of money" isn't necessarily incompatible with saying teacher pensions should be improved. Mr. Ali advocates independent taxing authority for the BOE, that could be a part of helping make up the difference.


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