Monday, April 16, 2012

How did they do that? Correction

Someone pulled a fast one.

Wootton HS Student Government Association is not sponsoring the concert with Third Eye Blind and Timelines.  See!ticketsandevents|c61v

Anyone can attend.  Silly Wootton students think this concert is for them.

The Wootton Parking lot is wide open. First come, first serve.

Here is what the Tuned In website says about the event.

"TUNED IN is sponsored, in part, by BBYO and is open to all Jewish teens and the entire greater Washington area's Jewish community. BBYO invites all teens, Jewish and otherwise, associated with our coalition partners to join us. Alumni, families, friends and guests are invited to attend. Tickets are $25 each (and each total order has a $1 processing fee). All attendees associated with coalition partners are also welcome to join us and purchase tickets through this site."

With all the celebrity bigwigs - hosted by John King of CNN, and appearances by Councilman Phil Andrews, MD Attorney General Doug Gansler, Sen. Barbara Mikulski's Office, Romney for America Campaign and more - who wants to be left out?
We are anxiously waiting for the Four Eye Blind concert sponsored by PFOX.

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  1. The earlier post shows a notice that the event is sponsored by the SGA and the BBYO. Why is the public school student organization getting involved in an event organized and sponsored by a religious organization? This seems to open the door for so many activities that those of us who are firm believers in the separation of church and state would oppose. So far we have been very, very lucky in Montgomery County that this issue has not led to the divisiveness we see in other states. In fact, I would say it is not really luck but the inclusive vision people in this county have for ourselves.


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