Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Leggett turns over 20 acres of public school land to private club

The 20 acre Brickyard Middle School site is owned by the Board of Education (BOE).  But, the County Executive asked for the land to be turned over to his office and the BOE complied.  Now the County Executive is turning over the land to a private club in a sweetheart deal.  The land can now be tied up forever and out of reach of the needs of public school children.  


  1. that would be the ELECTED BOE and the ELECTED Co Exec, Ike Leggett. Elections occur again in November, in case anyone missed the primary on April 3rd, which included lots of BOE candidates. I'm thinking a lot of people did miss that one, as only ~20% of the registered voters exercised their right to vote. Your choice, despite pleas to the contrary, this is what the voters of Montgomery County want.

  2. This is similar to the Perry High School deal... nearly 20 acres given away to a special interest for pennies on the dollar (land worth $800K/acre sold for $50K/acre). How much more school property can our county afford to give away. Don't the children of tax payers and voters have a say in any of this? Sorry, I just remembered... they don't, because they do not contribute mega-bucks to political campaigns.


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