Thursday, April 26, 2012

Promethean Boards for sale at pennies on the dollar

Formerly state-of-the-art Promethean Boards equivalent to the units that MCPS purchased a few years ago for about $5000 each are now available on Ebay for as little as 14 boards for $525. 

You'll need to add a projector and some other components-- most of which are available on Ebay -- but those who are at all technologically astute can put together a complete Promethean Board system for under $400 per classroom.


  1. WOW! That confirms the suspicions I've had about them... overpriced wipe-off boards that take up too much space, esp. since they typically sit right in front of the wipe-off board that came with the classroom - already built into the wall! Teachers trip over cords and basically roll their eyes when asked how they are using them. And, our board just decided to go ahead and order one for every classroom (and our district has 99,000 students)! Can't wait to let them know how they are again wasting our money! Thanks PC of MC!

  2. I don't know what teachers roll their eyes when asked about Promethean boards. My school got them last year and most of us took classes during the summer to learn how to utilize them to their fullest potential. I have found that I use my board daily for interactive teaching and the students love it. It also allows me to present a lot of information that I couldn't present in the past.

    As far as Ebay goes--I've often wondered why someone at the school level can't purchase materials that way. I've been told that electronic equipment must be purchased from the bid list in order to have the school system fund the maintenance of that equipment. I don't know if that's true or not. As a teacher, I purchase many of my personal teaching materials on Ebay and similar sites.

    --Vicki E.


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