Friday, April 27, 2012

"The state board’s request to close the gap is unreasonable, Starr wrote."

Readers, please note that during Superintendent Jerry Weast's time here in Montgomery County one of his "initiatives" was to shut down alternative high school programs. MCPS doesn't have alternative programs now because Jerry Weast closed them, and the Board of Education approved these closures. 

Superintendent Joshua Starr can put them back.  

Superintendent Starr, it's not the State Board of Education's problem that our local Board rubber stamped some very bad decisions by the previous Superintendent.  But it is your problem to now pick up the pieces.  Cut back on the conferences and focus on the students. There is a lot of work to be done right here. 

Gazette: Maryland State Board of Education’s proposed discipline policies prompt parent concerns


  1. This is absolutely untrue that there are no alternative programs in MCPS. There are several programs, they are listed on the MCPS website.

    1. The current MCPS Policy (read the policy) is to keep students in their home school when there is an issue. Weast set this model up when he closed alternative programs like the Kingsley Wilderness Center.
      Again, Weast created the problem, now Starr has to fix it.


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