Saturday, April 28, 2012

TunedIn - What you can expect - and what you can't

The show is going on!  Amazing.

Here is some additional facts you should know before you go.

Accessible seating is available for the elderly or for those who otherwise cannot stand for several hours (probably all the dignitaries too).  Oops, wonder what they are going to do with those cars!

Here is a picture of the six portapotties. Remember, don't drink water or anything else - the lines can be very long if you do.

And parents - for your own comfort level - here is a view of the fence and barbed wire that will keep your kids inside the concert venue and safe from harm.

Finally, here are some other views of the stage.  As one of the concert promoters told us - the tickets are almost sold out!  The sound will be awesome! and she has faith that the rain will stay away (and yes, they are aware that Joel Olsteen rescheduled his event).


  1. Barbed wire. Nice touch.

  2. I agree - would you want your kid at this concert?

    1. Actually I wouldn't want my kids to attend this concert for one simple reason. In case anything happens during the concert and people want to rush out of the venue for safety, it might be a bit hard to find your way out because of the barbed wire. I don't know whether the organizers though of this when making preparations for the concert.

  3. I think this concert and the entire Rock the Vote initiative is a great way to motivate today's youth on the importance of having a voice on issues they are passionate about. Bravo to all of the partners of this event.

    1. What "partners"? When contacted the Sierra Club had never heard of this event. The Board of Elections hadn't heard of it either. Just listing a bunch of websites does not make "partners".

      How does a $100,000 concert make 1,000 teens want to vote? If you read Twitter you'd find out that teens came to hear the bands only.

    2. It wasn't $100,000. Where are you getting your information from?

    3. The MCPS Wootton High School staff member who planned the concert says it cost $100,000.

      And you are?

  4. If you took some time to do your research, you would see the following,

    "We (Rock the Vote) use music, popular culture, new technologies and grassroots organizing to motivate and mobilize young people in our country to participate in every election, with the goal of seizing the power of the youth vote to create political and social change."

    The various speakers and guests at this event in addition to the bands present were the motivators for these teens. The fact that the bands played for this type of event showed that they are committed to the cause. Teens may have tweeted that, but I am confident that the message and mission of this was event was relayed.

    I can't believe it is even a point of discussion or debate why this type of event is bad. Shouldn't we be proud and happy that today's youth want to attend events like these and see role models (bands and speakers) help relay the message of the importance of voting and standing up for what you believe in?

    The time spent being negative on this blog about this event could have been spent helping the youth like all of the organizations and schools that were part of this event.

    1. This was NOT a Rock the Vote event. This was a BBYO (B'nai B'rith Youth Organization) event. If you read the materials they said Rock the Vote "style" event. Not a Rock the Vote event, that is an actual organization.

      Like much of the PR for the Wootton concert, names of organizations were used to cover for the reality that there was only 1 organization behind the concert. Organizations listed hadn't even heard of the concert.

      The one backer was BBYO. A faith based organization that invited all youth of one faith.

      Comments are welcome on this blog. But anonymous posts from the promoter of this concert are a waste of readers time. Put out a press release and sign your name. If you actually believe in something, put your name behind it.

    2. I am not going to accuse anyone of anything, but If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. I am confused about why Ms. Sartucci is so hooked on the fact that "The one backer was BBYO. A faith based organization that invited all youth of one faith."

      I have gone through the Wootton High School club directory, and there are a few faith based clubs that I am sure only direct their focus toward one faith. Yet, you continue to try and drive home the point that BBYO is trying to take over Wootton High School when I don't think there was any religious activity going on at the concert on Saturday night.

    3. There was one backer funding this event according to the school staff. The students couldn't fund a $100,000 event.

      The BBYO site made clear that "all Jewish teens"...were welcome. We have posted their website.

      Student funds were used for this event to the tune of $30,000 according to school staff. Is it your assertion that taking $30,000 of student funds held in a MCPS Independent Activity Fund (IAF) account and directing them to an event on behalf of one religious organization is acceptable?

      Where can other religious groups get in line for their $30,000 contribution to their rock concert?


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