Monday, April 23, 2012

TunedIN - Wootton HS Opens Up

Gotta hand it to those folks at Wootton HS in Rockville.

Dr. Doran and his ace guidance counselor really know how to throw a party.

And, they are so creative with the limited parking at the venue  - even though kids from all over the DC metropolitan area are now coming, for an extra $10 you can get transportation and a tour of the monuments too.

Don't you wish your child could also be a Northern Virginia VIP?

Wootton HS Rock the Vote VIP Package


  1. In reading the announcement, it looks like only Jewish teens are invited.

  2. The event is open to students from all over. BBYO plans events like this and therefore was asked to help out in the planning, as well as promoting the concert.

    1. All students who are Jewish.

  3. Anonymous@Apr27, 6:06 AM, "asked to help out" by who? details please. Very bad call on the part of the grown-ups at BBYO if they were the ones who agreed to 'help out.'

  4. BBYO is doing a lot more than helping out. They are funding this event. Why is it that the Wootton staff person thinks the BBYO financial contribution is a secret? It's a public school. That funding is public information.


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