Monday, May 14, 2012

MCPS Curriculum 2.0 to be sold as "Pearson Forward"

Here it is!  Montgomery County Public Schools Elementary Integrated Curriculum, also know as North Star, also known as Curriculum 2.0 will be marketed and sold by Pearson Education, Inc as Pearson Forward

Learn all about our new MCPS-Pearson curriculum from the Board of Education a Pearson representative who presented a 17 page paper on the Pearson Forward project at the recent annual meeting of the American Education Research Association (AERA) in Vancover, British Columbia. 

You won't learn about MCPS-Pearson curriculum project from our Board of Education or Superintendent, but you can read a lot about it in this paper that was presented at a conference almost 3,000 miles away!

Creating Curriculum-Embedded, Performance-Based Assessments for Measuring 21st Century Skills in K-5 Students

Yes, that's the same AERA meeting where Jerry Weast was given an award

Now go out and tell your friends in other public school systems to tell their Board of Education to buy the Pearson Forward brand of curriculum and assessments.  

Remember for every ________ dollars of product sold, MCPS will get _______ in royalties!  Sorry, the numbers are a secret, the public isn't allowed to know the details of this cool deal.  But we do know that we love it and they will too!


  1. Paula BienenfeldMay 14, 2012 at 1:44 PM

    This confirms that when the superintendent or in fact any MCPS staff, including teachers, speak highly of the Pearson Product (aka 'Curriculum 2.0') it is because they are required to do so under the terms of the contract. The Board of Education approved this approach to public education and the public curriculum. In other school systems and communities, new curricula are discussed openly by teachers, parents and students. When things don't work, there is no obligation to tout them as wonderful. Here in MCPS, however there is a legal obligation to do so.

  2. Really Paula???
    "This confirms that when the superintendent or in fact ANY MCPS staff, including TEACHERS, speak highly of the Pearson Product (aka 'Curriculum 2.0') it is because they are required to do so under the terms of the contract.

    YES ALL MCPS TEACHERS. ALL SEVERAL THOUSAND OF THEM ARE A PART OF THE MACHINE. probably know more about this than they do. "By contract..." Really asinine comment.

    1. And really factual. MCPS is out for the royalties. They won't get any royalties unless they say the curriculum is "wonderful". What part of the contract do you not understand?

    2. From the contract. See the word PROMOTE?

      Publisher, be present at such times and places as Publisher may reasonably specify in order to attest to the efficacy andquality of the Program, without additional compensation. MCPS shall actively participate and consult withPublisher, as specified in the Program Development Plan, to (i) explain the Program pedagogy and its vision and (ii)PROMOTE the adoption of the Program in other school systems nationwide.MCPS shall bereimbursed for all reasonable expenses incurred in connection therewith

    3. Anonymous - you've read this, right? Put on a happy face when Pearson tromps through your classroom.

      "Publisher may use MCPS specified classrooms to (i)demonstrate or showcase the Program and (ii) to validate/field test the Program as further specified in the Program Development Plan"

  3. @Anonymous, yes, really. All the teachers. Read the Product Development Plan, posted here:

  4. @Anonymous, regarding this Plan, I may know more about it than the teachers do if they haven't read what the BOE has obligated them to do. I wouldn't say they are part of a 'machine.' I would say, they are bound by this Pearson-MCPS contract. If you know different, please tell us.


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