Monday, October 29, 2012

Why Wootton High School Really Isn't Turf Smart

The alternate title for this post could also have been Dr. Doran on how to install an artificial turf field Part 2. Do the parents at Wootton High School really think they are smarter than the average parent by getting their school to the top of the artificial turf list by handing over their own cash?

Aside from the ethics of supplementing the county coffers and the equity argument about jumping to the head of the line just because certain members of your community have more cash, does Wootton High School really know what it means to get into a partnership with a private organization?

Perhaps Dr. Doran should take a lesson from Moreno Carrasco, the former principal at Richard Montgomery High School.  Mr. C negotiated a partnership with Real Maryland, a "professional soccer team," that helped pay for the first artificial turf field at a Montgomery County High School.

So - how's that working for Richard Montgomery?

Real Maryland, owned by Maryland Soccer Enterprises, LLC. is having some problems.  Most notably, the entity forfeited their corporate charter in the state of Maryland.  You can check that out here or see the information below.  This doesn't seem like a good deal now - who is picking up Real Maryland's share of the field now?

The question for Dr. Doran and the Wootton Boosters is - how well do you know your business partner?  What happens if your partner decides to forfeit its license?  Who will pick up the pieces?

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