Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Patricia O'Neill: "Stay Home on Friday Night"

In a follow up to Lyda Astrove's post regarding Board of Education member Patricia O'Neill's comment at the February 25, 2013, Board of Education meeting, the rest of O'Neill's statement on the MCPS Fiscal Year 2014 budget is also notable.

After Ms. O'Neill stated that $75 is "not even a fancy steak dinner that somebody is paying for", she told Montgomery County citizens to "stay home on Friday night".   Instead, she told County citizens to put the money that they would be spending on that "steak dinner" toward "our kids".

Is that Ms. O'Neill's new economic plan for Montgomery County? Everyone is to stay home so that the Board of Education can get $2.2 Billion to play with?  Restaurants, malls, entertainment venues can all close to support the public school system?

Montgomery County citizens love Ms. O'Neill, no matter what names she calls them. They have elected her to this seat 4 times.  She has been on the Board of Education since 1998.

No doubt, her loyal followers will take her advice.  They will stay home!  Take that Steve Silverman!


  1. I'd love to see an extensive man-on-the-street poll and question if anyone could name their district BOE member (or any member for that matter) and what policies they've supported. I'd bet the percentage to both questions would be in the single digits. They get reelected because virtually NO ONE is paying attention. Maybe when they come to the polling station they recognize the name but can't remember why they do. I doubt that'll ever change. Smaller towns tend to pay more attention to their local politics but in this metro area its the national races that matter. When do you see stories like this in the Post or the local TV news? It's rare. I appreciate the work ya'll do, even when I don't always agree with you, but apathy is the rule of the day. It's sad.

  2. Does that include the board's spending on food? Or do they not go out on Friday's?

    1. please. they have their $75 steaks for lunch!


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