Saturday, August 31, 2013

Teacher in WPost Article had been put on "Restrictions" 4 years before Rape of Student

The teacher that is discussed in today's Washington Post piece was also put on "restrictions" four years before he was arrested for the rape of a 14 year old student.

Is putting teachers on "restriction" something that Superintendents learn when they attend national education conventions?  It's time for parents to know how many teachers are on "restrictions" today in our public schools.

Rambold had been warned by school officials in 2004 to avoid touching or being alone with female students.

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  1. Why continue blurring the issue. Let's consider amending an old adage-"sexual assault by a person, age 18 or over, with a person age 16 or under is taboo-jailbait." This concept includes any person in authority or any other persons, male or female.

  2. As a teacher, there can never be any blurring of the issue in the post article. A teacher's job is to educate and take great care with his/her students. The relationship toward a student should always remain professional and caring. If a teacher has restrictions set in place, specifically for them, then they should not be in the classroom with students. People with restrictions need to be moved to positions where they are not working with students or they need to move to another profession.
    In MCPS, Dan Picca, FLoyd Starnes and Joynes all had reprimands and/or restrictions regarding their interaction with staff and students. Picca was fired, Joynes is in jail and Floyd Starnes still remains as principal at Kemp Mill Elementary? Why? Starnes admitted to Ann Kamenstein that he took students alone with him into a closet. Joynes continued to do damage after he was given explicit restrictions. No doubt, Floyd Starnes will do the same. Why is MCPS gambling with Kemp Mill children. Further, as a teacher and a parent, I feel that I should know if a teacher has restrictions placed upon him/her. I am fearful and I am resentful at the manner in which MCPS is gambling with our children.

    1. Exactly. There is a "red line" that cannot be passed. Not only is there a professional/ethical relationship between a teacher and a student but criminal guidelines. Reprimands/restrictions alone and without proper scrutiny are obviously ineffective and probably used inappropriately, especially with sexual offenders. Most people do not understand the intricate process of "grooming." Unfortunately with sexual offenders, there are usually multiple victims and therefore early investigation/intervention is necessary. Legal guidelines need to be improved to encourage proactive intervention.

      I do not blame you for feeling resentful of the manner MCPS has handled the situation with Mr. Starnes and an outside review is definitely needed. I am aware that MCPS and Child Protective Services work together as most calls into CPS alleging abuse or neglect of children are initiated by teachers in the school system. Principals should not obstruct this process and the MCPS administration needs to ensure that process flows properly. I remain cautious linking Mr. Starnes case to other cases. I believe each case must be examined separately. Lastly, clearer definitions with the sex assault laws would assist interventions.


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