Friday, February 28, 2014

Exclusive: House Committee votes 21 to 0 to DELETE provision that would have allowed young teacher/coach to have sexual contact with teens

The Maryland House Judiciary Committee met in the evening on February 27th and held a voting session that included House Bill 781, this is the companion bill to Senator Jamie Raskin's Senate Bill 460.

House Bill 781 was approved 21 to 0 with amendments.

The amendments included deletion of the proposal to permit young teachers/coaches (aged 21-24) to have sexual contact with teens (aged 16-17).

The bill now moves to the full House.  Meanwhile, Senator Jamie Raskin's bill is still in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.

Here is the list of House Delegates who voted to delete the young teacher/coach and teen sexual contact proposal.

Delegates Vallario, Dumais, Lee, Kelly, Waldstreicher, Clippinger, Carter, Swain, Valentino-Smith, McComas, Parrott, Glass, Smigiel, Hough, Cluster, Rosenberg, Valderrama, Arora, Conaway, Anderson, and Simmons.

Please note the Maryland General Assembly's website has not been updated to reflect yesterday's voting session or these amendments.  The Parents' Coalition is making the voting record and the amended bill public today so that Maryland voters have timely information on this important bill. 


  1. This vote sheet does NOT show the list of Delegates that voted to delete the young-teacher proposal.
    It shows the list of Delegates who voted in support of the amended bill (after it was amended)

    The Maryland General Assembly does not post online votes on committee amendments. That in-and-of-itself is a minor scandal.

  2. In the final analysis: The end justify the means, however convoluted.

  3. This appears to be a classic example of shrewd “‘horse trading.”
    They removed the 7 year rule, but at the same time they reduced the maximum penalty from 5 years two 1 year.
    Also, they removed the “Was previously enrolled or participating . . .” phrase, making OK after the program or activity has ended.


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