Thursday, February 20, 2014

NPR: Maryland Bill Closing Sexual Abuse Loophole Hits Snag

Again with the "some lawmakers"! Come on folks, step up and state your name and position on this bill!  
Time is of the essense! 
Time to stop hiding about your push of a proposal that puts 250,000+ Maryland high school students at risk of sexual abuse every year! 

Who supports a change to Maryland law that will permit teachers/coaches to have sexual contact with 16 and 17 year olds?

NPR:  Maryland Bill Closing Sexual Abuse Loophole Hits Snag
...The bill's been stonewalled by some lawmakers who say the measure may be too broad and suggest if the teacher or coach is no more than 7 years older than the student, the law shouldn't apply....

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  1. Sen.Norman Stone (D-District 6, Baltimore County) has responded that he was not involved in this language. Still no response from the other senators on the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. Sen. Brochin is still checking. And we are still waiting.


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