Monday, March 10, 2014

BOE to Meet Off-Camera to Discuss Public Comments on March 11th at Unknown Time #buffet

Remember, some of these folks are running for re-election and one is running for another office this year. 

This is what Montgomery County citizens want from their public officials, right? They want their public officials to hide when discussing how to deal with the public?

After tomorrow's public Board of Education meeting, the BOE will turn off the cameras and slip into a side room (probably with a full buffet) to discuss the "deliberative process regarding community feedback."  If the public wants to find out what the BOE discusses they will have to show up in person.  It may be 2014, but the BOE is still going to hide whenever they can! 

12 hours before the start of the meeting there is no explanation (no attachment to the Agenda) of what this off-camera "work session" seeks to accomplish and no time listed for the start of this off-camera meeting

From the March 11, 2014, Board of Education Agenda


Mar 11, 2014 - Business Meeting Agenda


Work Session: Deliberative Process Regarding Community Feedback - Room 127


Deliberative Process Regarding Community Feedback




  1. "Deliberative Process" ? I don't quite get that.

  2. This maybe a possible explanation:


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