Sunday, March 23, 2014

..."college needs to accommodate students coming from the county school system"...

Montgomery College’s president said the school needs county money to staff a new bioscience center and add full-time faculty that County Executive Isiah Leggett did not include in his proposed operating budget... 
...The college also would partially channel funds toward expanded community outreach efforts in response to the county’s changing demographics, she said...

Gazette: Pollard: Montgomery College needs $8 million more from county


    According to their video, Montgomery College offers over 130 different programs. In these times of economic uncertainty, it would be prudent to critically review each program and correlate its contribution to the stated Mission Statement.
    “Montgomery Community College is a dynamic, open access, public education institution of superior quality instruction which is dedicated to academic excellence and committed to student success.” Elimination of borderline programs is one answer.

    1. But elimination of "borderline" spending doesn't apply to MCPS, only to the College and any other County agency that dares to ask for funds?

    2. No one should be excluded!


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