Saturday, March 8, 2014

Educational Extortion! MCPS will hire this prof...

Georgia Tech professor accused of taking $20K from students

Note: First action of Georgia Tech is to remove professor, second action is to commit to re-paying students.


  1. What is the connection btw the story and your headline? "MCPS will hire this prof..."


    1. Fact! Is that a "sensational" fact? MCPS charges students illegal fees to attend public school classes. Exactly what this professor was doing at Georgia Tech. No difference. MCPS would be happy to hire this professor. He'd fit right in with the MCPS "mindset" that children have no value in society and can be ripped off.

    2. The Parents' Coalition webpage on Illegal Curricular fees charged by MCPS. These are the facts. Public School is Free in Maryland, In fact, the vast majority of public school students in Maryland receive a free public education. Just not the students in Montgomery County. The fees charged MCPS students are not set by the legislature, not set by the Board of Education, are not uniform, and are used to sort students and prevent opportunities.

      Parents that know Maryland law don't pay the illegal fees and their children get a free public education. Parents that don't know the law pay the fees. It's called taxing the ignorant, that is, only those that are ignorant of the law end up paying the illegal fees.

  2. Has MCPS fired anyone as a result of the revelation that MCPS or its employees illegally opened secret bank accounts in the name of students and washed public money through those accounts, later withdrawn and unaccounted for as cash brought back to the school office?

    To me the point is that what occurred at Georgia Tech is already happening here, only those in charge in Montgomery County have turned a blind eye.

    How else can you explain MCPS assigning as its lead investigator an individual who also served on the "Supervisory Committee" of the very financial institution where the accounts were held.

    Bob Astrove


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