Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gazette Letter: Broome Middle School site "plans make no sense"

The county is proceeding, against stiff community opposition, with plans for placing a $14 million boutique office building on the Broome Middle School site in Rockville.
What could possibly be more out of character than an office building placed precisely in the middle of a residential neighborhood?
This is even more misguided in that Broome will soon be reactivated as a holding school for middle school children from all over the upper county. The proposed office building cuts significant area out of an already small school site, so the revived Broome Middle School will already be sub-par even before it opens...
...We’ve asked repeatedly why this being planned for Broome? It appears because there is no active PTA at Broome to protect the best interests of Montgomery County schoolchildren. To make matters worse, there were at least two meetings where the county botched the required notifications.
One can’t help but wonder if the plan was that, sadly, the neighborhood would never have know about the building until the bulldozers arrived...

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  1. I go by Broome regularly, and park there often when I jog in Rock Creek Park. I disagree that the site is not of adequate size for a middle school. But it is an old and tired building.

    The writer is correct however that this is not a good place for an office building. It borders on an elementary school, backs to Rock Creek Park, and is in a residential neighborhood. Not a good place for an office building.

    Put an office building a few blocks away on Viers Mill Road (at Twinbrook Shopping Center).

    Bob Astrove


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