Wednesday, March 5, 2014

MCPS Should Have Called Child Protective Services 25 Times...Another Teacher with Restrictions on his ability to touch students!

Instead of calling Child Protective Services, MCPS has set up an internal database for instances that "just don't feel right."  

Note to the Board of Education and Superintendent Joshua Starr:  YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IS TO CALL CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES when there is suspected inappropriate contact between a teacher and a child.  That's the law! It is Child Protective Services' job to investigate!  

Look what this Gazette article reveals! Another teacher with restrictions on his ability to TOUCH students!  How many teachers/staff today have a restriction on their ability to touch or interact with students?

Gazette:  New Montgomery school database tracks reported inappropriate staff behavior

About 25 incidents entered this school year
...One staff member involved in an incident that was reported in the database this year was terminated after he had previously been told not to touch students, Grundy said. Other incidents listed included a teacher who tapped a student on the butt and another who lifted students in the air.
...One employee, who had previously been told not to touch students, was terminated this school year after he was seen holding hands with two female students, Grundy said. Grundy said he thinks that, in that case, the principal would have picked up on the repeated behavior without the help of the database...


  1. Are the inmates in charge here?

  2. hold on here.... I clicked the link and read the article - the *principal* has to make the report for the incident to go into the database. So where does that leave the children when the principal is the perpetrator? It still does not get reported, does not get tracked. Need oversight of MCPS from some authority outside of MCPS - does not work for MCPS to police itself.

    1. AKA "The Floyd Starnes Rule"

      Not only does Starnes remain at Kemp Mill ES after his May trial, MCPS is paying for his PhD!


  3. You hit the proverbial nail on the head!

  4. So if a teacher reports suspicious behavior to the principal, they can choose to ignore it? Sounds familiar.


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