Thursday, March 6, 2014

MSDE policy on MSA opt out

Baltimore County Coalition for Education Oversight: MSDE policy on MSA opt out: Letter from Maryland State Department of Education to local school systems regarding MSA (State standardized test) opt out: Excerpt from Accommodations Manual: Students may be excused only...


  1. Or, students can sit in the testing room and stare at the walls for the 8-10 hours of testing without opening their test booklets, OR they can be strategically "tardy" and miss testing a la this article:

    Or sensible administrators can offer the test, when refused by the student count it as having been "administered," and let the child read or otherwise constructively occupy his/her time, which doesn't seem to be happening in MCPS (thanks, Testing Office, for taking the hardest-line definition of "administer" you possibly could have - but please feel free to soften your stance, especially given Dr. Starr's public resistance to the MSA's, before my kids have to stare at walls for hours on end over 4 days starting tomorrow.).

  2. Seen this one yet?


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