Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Raskin wants Sports and Rec Center Coaches to be able to have sex with teens

Sorry, Senator Jamie Raskin, you are the lead sponsor on Senate bill 460 and somehow major changes have been made to the Senate version of this bill without the ability of the public to track how these changes were made!  

The new change made in the Senate would exempt sports or recreational facilities from Maryland law prohibiting sexual contact between persons in a position of authority and teens.  Now, that's a big loophole!  

Who wants to exclude sports programs and recreational centers from this law? Who offered this amendment? Listen to the Senate Committee discussion at this link. Amendments were not offered, were not seconded and were not discussed! 

Gazette:  Senate set to vote on sex abuse bill

...Like the House, the Senate removed the gap and will vote on its version of the bill as early as this week.
But the two chambers’ bills still differ slightly. For instance, the House bill includes volunteers and those who work at sports or recreational facilities in the definition of persons of authority, while the Senate’s does not.

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