Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sunshine Week Mar 16th-22nd. Here we go...

swlogo2 Here's a fun activity for Sunshine Week, to start us off early, from our friends at Watchdog Wire: Audit your County Website.  It's easy and fun. To begin, go here.

From WatchdogWire:
This year, we’re doing something different, and we need *your* help!

We are asking you, our citizen watchdogs, to AUDIT your city, county, or township website.

Can you access budgets on your county website, or find contact information for all public officials? Are meeting minutes available?  Is there a database of all public spending? In our opinion, It’s the 21st century – and this stuff should be online!


It’s surprisingly easy to audit your city or county website- here’s how you get started:


1. Log on to your local government’s website and start clicking around. (You should be able to find it easily by Googling the name of your city or county).

2. Not sure what to look for? We’ve put together a rubric to help you determine what information should be readily available. Click here to view the rubric on your computer. 

3. Write down your observations about how user friendly or transparent the website is for everyday citizens. Frame your thoughts in the style of a blogpost and we will feature it on Watchdog Wire. Send your article to

4. Not a writer?  Fill out this quick web form about your city website and send the information to us!

5. Watchdog Wire staff will send the feedback to your local government on YOUR behalf.
Let’s make some noise about the state of government websites in America! Tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly – and we will feature your work on Watchdog Wire.


This Sunshine Week, join us in demanding more transparent and accessible local governments.

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