Saturday, April 5, 2014

And in this corner, standing up to protect children from sexual abuse...

The Maryland House of Delegates has refused to recede.

That is, they won't back down from the bill they passed to protect children from sexual abuse by teachers, part-time teachers, contract employees, coaches and recreational program staff.

The House has appointed their 3 representatives to the Conference Committee that will decide what happens to this bill.

For the House, Delegates Dumais, Arora and Hough have been appointed to the Conference Committee on this legislation.  (Dumais and Arora are from Montgomery County)

Will Maryland children win or lose when the Committee meets?

House4/5/20143/29/2014House Refuses to Recede65
Conference Committee Appointed65
Delegates Dumais, Arora, and Hough65

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  1. Great posturing, meanwhile this circus act has been going on since 1997!


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