Friday, April 4, 2014

Breaking: Sen Frosh Tells Senate to Reject House Bill to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse by Coaches, Volunteers...

Earlier today Senator Brian Frosh presented Senator Raskin's Bill 460 to the full Maryland Senate and told them to REJECT the House version!

The House version includes part-time teachers under the bill and adds in coaches and volunteers.  The House wants to protect children from as many Persons in Positions of Authority as possible.

Why is Senator Frosh telling the Senate to REJECT maximum protection for children?

Listen for yourself to Senator Frosh (yes, the same one running for Maryland Attorney General).

Here is the audio from this mornings Maryland Senate session where Senator Brian Frosh presents Senator Raskin's Bill 460 and tells the full Senate to reject the House version.


  1. Deja vous “ Senator: ‘We don’t have it right yet’ ”

  2. Sometimes are elected officials are frosh out of ideas. Perhaps it's brian-freeze. In any case, the voters need to invoke "maximum protection" by not electing him.

  3. He was born and raised in affluent suburbia
    And he did earn his degree at prestigious Columbia
    He rose through the ranks via the act of election
    But, with words he seems to lack the art of selection.


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