Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Monday: MCPS Union will get 2 and 1/2 times hourly rate

The Board of Education and Superintendent are going to have to pay SEIU members who work on Easter Monday time and one-half according to the SEIU contract.  That will make running school on that date more expensive than a regular school day.  

If, after having established the calendar for the school year (including the 
designation of official holidays), (a) the Board changes the school calendar and 
the Board removes the designation of holiday from a day designated as an official 
holiday; and (b) bargaining unit employees are required to work on the 
previously-designated holiday due to the change in the calendar, the bargaining 
unit employees required to work on that day shall be entitled to the pay for 
Holiday Work described in this Article 9, Section C, and bargaining unit 
employees on authorized paid leave for that day shall be considered to be on 
Holiday leave, as defined in Article 12, Section G. 


Holiday Work 
1. A unit member required to work on an official Board of Education holiday 
(and/or Christmas and New Year's Day when such days fall on a weekend) shall 
be paid one and one-half times the basic hourly straight time rate for each hour 
worked in addition to the holiday pay to which he/she is entitled. 

2013-2014 SEIU - MCPS Contract:


  1. They will receive 2.5 times their normal pay. Holiday pay plus time and one half. For something that was discretionary, this shows how wasteful the MCPS is.

    1. Actually, it's cheaper than the alternative.

      SEIU employees would have made their normal rate of pay for three or four days the week of June 16 if MCPS didn't open this Monday as the state made it clear it would not waive any snow days unless MCPS opened for a day before state testing in May. 2.5 times their normal pay on the one extra day MCPS must open is less than the three or fours days they woould have had to been paid if MCPS did not open this Monday.

    2. No, what we are paying for a 1 day of school for students. This 1 day will cost 2.5 times as much as other days. Students will just get 1 day of school for 2.5 times the cost for SEIU members. There is a cost benefit analysis that goes with this discussion.

    3. Basic math. 2.5 < 3.

    4. Then you have no clue what the public education of children is all about.

    5. The original comment was a complaint about the cost of SEIU employees on April 21. Apparently you have no clue that the cost is less opening on 4/21 than it would be opening June 16, 17, and 18, which is what the state would have required had MCPS not decided to open 4/21.

    6. Thanks. You still don't get it. That's fine. You have made your point. You don't understand that taxpayers are going to pay 2 1/2 times for 1 day of school for public school students. That's a loss for taxpayers. It will be a very expensive day of school. 3 days of school is 3 times the education value for the dollar. Hint: the goal of public school is to educate all children. That's the purpose of the funding.

    7. Hint: Attendance 4/21 will be much greater than it would have been in June after all state and AP exams have been taken. The value of 4/21 is much greater, educationally, than that of the three days in June combined. I know it's tough for you to see things differently than the way you think. Try it out for a change. BTW...I've screen shot this page in case you decide to not print this comment. Oh wait, you wouldn't do that, would you?

    8. Not hardly. Teachers aren't going to be in the classrooms. It will be a day filled with subs and administrators = Disney movies. Students that already have plans won't be in the classroom. 3 days of actual instruction is more than 1 day of a sub. And, taxpayers will be paying 2 1/2 times the price of SEIU members for the day.

      If you have a problem with public schools in June then you must not think there is any brain drain over the summer, right? The whole argument for year round school is that brain drain of summer. But, according to our expert anonymous commenter, year round school would be a waste so we should forget that thought.


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