Tuesday, May 6, 2014

BOE's Gap Closing Plan

That's it.

The Board of Education's Strategic Planning Committee is meeting today.

Here's their plan for their Strategic Planning Framework Monitoring System.  (See image to left.) The plan includes monitoring high school hope, engagement and well being via Gallup no bid surveys.

 After the committee reviews this chart they will probably go to lunch.


  1. If this is what they looked at, they don't deserve lunch. Really, look at the chart. First column: here's who we're failing (no duh). Second column: trend may indicate that things are getting better ..... but, no matter, because we have the third column: why look, there's still a gap (no duh). Fourth column: well, at least we can brag that some of our gaps aren't as bad as other gaps - in the state, in the nation, wherever ....

    Shouldn't the strategic planning committee be devising strategies to combat our problems rather than looking at pretty charts? Shouldn't they have spent some time gathering input from various stakeholder groups to obtain ideas on successful strategies for closing the gap, and then when meeting, discuss how we might implement them in MCPS? Shouldn't what they produce be easy to read so all of us stakeholders feel engaged and included?

    Here's their mission statement: "shall be an advocate for and play a leadership role in long-range planning and shall promote a long-term commitment to keeping all school system stakeholders involved and informed."

    Here's hoping they keep that in mind the next time they meet.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing THE PLAN to close the gaps!!!


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