Thursday, May 15, 2014

Council Fully Funds Starr's Lunches! See Where Starr Likes to Lunch!

If you listened to the Montgomery County Council discussing the MCPS FY 2015 Operating Budget on May 14, 2014, you heard Superintendent Joshua Starr mention the frequent lunches and breakfasts he has with various county officials.

Fortunately, the Council is fully funding the MCPS FY 2015 Operating Budget and Starr can continue with his breakfast, lunches, dinners, gas and travel purchases charged to taxpayers!

The Parents' Coalition did a Maryland Public Information Act request for one year of Superintendent Starr's MCPS American Express credit card bills and receipts. Here are the Superintendent Starr's credit card bills and receipts from September through December of 2012. 

Below is the list of the people that had a restaurant meal with Superintendent Starr that was charged to the MCPS Operating Budget during this time period:

Darryl Williams
Myrna Smith
Paul Vance
George Perry
LaVerne Kimball
Pat O'Neill
Nancy King
Janet Gilman
Dr. Edelstein
Dr. Pollard
Nancy Navarro
Matt Gandal
Marty Blank
John Mannes
Denis Hansen
Rebecca Smondrowski
Darryl Williams (2nd meal in this time period)

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