Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Council Passes Full Funding for MCPS FY 2015 Budget with Deal Cooked Up Behind Closed Doors, Votes are In

It's all over, right?

Look at the picture below.  It was taken on Monday, May 12th by MyMCMedia at the County Council's Education Committee.

Now, count the Councilmembers.
Councilmembers Craig Rice, Phil Andrews and Cherri Branson are on the Education Committee.

Yet, for the photo taken at this "committee" meeting you can see Councilmember Nancy Floreen and Hans Riemer.  Floreen and Riemer aren't on the Education Committee, but clearly are showing their support for the budget "deal" that has been cooked up for MCPS.  That makes 5 Councilmembers that support this deal.  That's a majority of the County Council.  No need for discussion or debate.

And, oh look! County Executive Ike Leggett is even in the picture!

Let's just skip the formal vote on the MCPS Operating Budget and let the Council and their staff just go to lunch on Thursday.
No need taking up County space and funding on a public meeting. The deal has been made, the votes are in.

All done.

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  1. And now watch the MCEA endorsements. This is what MCEA was waiting for. The deal.


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