Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Growing (cellular) Trees in Rockville

Do you have children in a Rockville public school?

Our wonderful principals are already looking forward to next year, and how to make some cash!

Yes, if your student is at Wootton HS or Julius West MS, your principal has a plan.  Did you know about it?

Both schools will be planting cell phone trees on school property - to make a little cash.

Mark your calendar for May 20 at 7 pm at Wootton HS.  Parents of the Julius West community should attend too - since you are getting a similar deal, and many of you live right across Scott Drive from Wootton and  its lovely tower.

Didn't you know that money is tight?  Despite the County Council fully funding the Superintendent's request, apparently, the principals at JW and Wootton need more cash.  

The solution?  Cell phone trees on school property.

Can they do this?  They think so.

Really?  Haven't we been down this path before at Wootton?  Yes, we have - you can read all about it.

In 2004, the community objected, the project looked a little obtrusive, and the plan was scrapped.  Good thing, because how many of us have cell phone service with Cingular these days?  But now Cingular is part of AT & T and the company has an amazing deal all worked out with Dr. Doran - who has graciously decided to share this amazing deal with Julius West.  You can read about Wootton's deal in Dr. Doran's note below.

So -mark your calendars and attend the May 20 meeting.  Please be sure to ask Dr. Doran the following questions:

1.  When did our lovely Board of Education vote to allow a cell phone tower on the Wootton field?

2.  Who will sign the lease agreement (see #1)

3.  How much does Wootton get?  How much does each feeder school get - remember the cluster has six elementary schools and two middle schools that are part of the cluster).

4.   Who are the commercial vendors who will be part of the lease agreement and how will you check who has access to the school?

5.  Is the tower really going on your brand new artificial turf field?  Or are you thinking about removing some of the surrounding trees (don't even try, its public parkland) or parking spots?

6.  What can you tell us about the back up generators?  How often are they tested?  Do they require fuel delivery?

7.  Will you register the site with the fire department as a HAZMAT location?

8.  What other local permits are required before this plan goes forward?

9.  How many teachers can you hire with the cell phone revenue stream?

While I know Dr. Doran will have ALL the answers at the meeting, you may want to contact him in advance to share your thoughts.  He can be reached at  301-279-8550 or

We will share information about the JW cell phone project as soon as it is available.

Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 3:30:10 PM
Subject: cell tower

Greetings from Wootton…
 We have been approached by AT&T and its contractors about the possibility of having a cell tower installed in our stadium.  We’ve already met with them, as well as the folks from MCPS Real Estate management division.  The school and it’s feeder school would receive a revenue stream for the next 10 years.  With ever-shrinking budgets at every level, this revenue would go a long way in supporting the work we do here at Wootton as well as our excellent feeders.  We’d like to reach out to our community to get your thoughts on the project.  In an effort to do so, we’re holding a  meeting in our media center on 5/20 at 7:00pm  Representatives from AT&T and Site Link Wireless Inc. will be on hand to answer any question regarding this proposal.  Please don’t hesitate to contact my Business Administrator, Philip Hill 301-279-8559,  if you need further information.


  1. Doran wants the money to fund his rock concerts.

  2. Doran is a puppet and MCPS is just pulling his strings. He'd be the first to protest if a cell tower went up in Bethesda.

  3. Let's go there on May 20 and say NO to Doran and whoever wants to mess up our Wootton campus !


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