Monday, May 19, 2014

Have you had a lunch meeting with Joshua Starr? Here are some of the people he met with in 2013. #lunchbunch

This is the second in our series of credit card bills for Superintendent Joshua Starr.  The document below covers the time period from January through April of 2013 and shows when Superintendent Starr charged a meal, parking, air fare, train travel, gasoline, or hotels on his MCPS American Express card.

Here is the list of people and groups that Superintendent Starr met with during this time period as recorded in his American Express credit card receipts.

Gazette Editorial Board
LaVerne Kimball
Dr. Edelstein
Dr. Pollard
Dist Mgmt Council
Wireless Generation
Larry Leverett
George Perry
Gallup, Inc.
Leadership Montgomery
Dan Brown
Rebecca Thessin
Laura Steinberg
Christopher Barclay
Myra Smith
Dr. Lillian Lowery
Chuck Short
Elaine ____
Larry Leverett (again)
Diane Ravitch
Larry Leverett (again)
A. Zuckerman
Kim Statham
Dr. Christopher Garran

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  1. Does he take requests? Can I call and get on his calendar?


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