Friday, May 2, 2014

Is it Legal to Exclude Students with Special Education Needs from County Tutoring Program? #georgebthomaslearningacademy #saturdayschool

It must be, because today a Montgomery County Council committee is discussing funding for a program that excludes students with special education needs.

We have heard from parents before that their children with special education needs were not permitted to enroll in the George B. Thomas Learning Academy Saturday School tutoring program.

Below is the report that the Councilmembers have received on this program. You will note that there is no mention of children with special education needs in the report.  Yet, public dollars heavily support this program.

No tutoring for you!


  1. That's interesting, especially since ED committee member Councilmember Branson's son (who attends private school) participated in this program for needed tutoring. As Ms. Branson told the committee at a previous worksession, the program was very good and her son appreciated getting a meal too!

    1. Her kid got in, why should she care if others are excluded?


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