Monday, May 12, 2014

MCPS teachers nowhere as diverse as their students

WTOP:  US teachers nowhere as diverse as their students

and locally, here is the MCPS data for 2012-2013 school year:

MCPS Professional Staff Diversity
5%       Asian                                     
12.5%  Black or African American
5.3%    Hispanic/Latino
75.5%  White
1.3%    Two or more multiple races


  1. Members of the Parents Coalition have been pointing this out of years, but it never is discussed by MCPS or others in County or State Government in the context of discussions about the Achievement Gap, Suspension Rates, Sp. Ed. Identification, etc. Why Not?

    Bob Astrove

    1. It would be interesting to present administrators with some hypothetical cases in which the details were the same except for the student's race in a process similar to that used to test for housing discrimination. Students A and B have the same academic/disciplinary record and family/income status; each commits offense X infraction, would each get the same penalty?

  2. What is MCPS doing to increase the diversity of its professional staff?

  3. What is MCPS doing to increase the diversity of the staff's college degree? If we want the best, shouldn't most of our staff come from the best schools? Does U-MD really offer the best teacher education in the country? To me, that would be important. Where were the teachers educated? Where did they get their degrees?

  4. 46% of assistant principals are black or African American in MCPS. However, the only black male instructional specialist on the equity initiatives team, doesn't even have a colleg degree, and has never been a classroom teacher. Why no high expectations for black males? Thisa is a guy who "teaches" a session called "Elevating the Black Male." Why not hire black males with college degrees and teaching experience like the other members of the team?


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