Tuesday, May 20, 2014

NBC4: Cell Tower Controversy at Montgomery County High School


  1. Was it disclosed that there could be a co-location after the cell tower's installation, which could increase the tower's height by over 20 ft? See Sec. 6409(a) of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 and related rules promulgated (under consideration) by the FCC.

    1. AT&T didn't get to disclose much of anything. The community interrupted the presentation and took over the meeting. There was no one in the audience that supported the cell tower project. Zero support.
      The site plans had been drawn up, but MCPS refused to make them available prior to the meeting. See our post on the meeting with the pictures of the slides. That's all AT&T got to show about this project. This community was having none of it. They are not interested in a cell tower compound under the bleachers or any place else on this school site.

    2. One thing I hate to see particularly is the "Greeting from Wootton" which says They have decided to proceed but give parents a chance, and AT & T would host Q &A. Come on, give me a break ! So the principal has made the crazy decision without working with parents and community ? And we shall all thank for his mercy to give us a damn chance for that Q & A ? What is this guy thinking in his mind ?? I like the fact that parents took over the meeting last night. It is shame to offer such Q & A without asking "Do you think we can do it ?" in the first place. All those cell tower paper should be thrown to trash bin because we don't care the details, we just don't support the idea. Who cares to know the details of construction ?

  2. It's great that we were able to stop this at Wootton, but it is a shame that our county leaders see endangering our children's health as a legitimate income stream. Too many scientists believe that this radiation is a possible to probable carcinogen. Most businesses will not put these towers on their properties, but our county leaders think that it is appropriate to put them at schools? They have one right next to Sherwood High School. What is happening is that the richer schools are fighting these towers and our "leaders" are putting them up at the poorer schools. If these local politicians are so gullible as to believe the telecom industry over the scientists and oncologists, we need new leadership. The people we have elected to protect us are selling our children's health to the telecom industry.


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