Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Red Flag Raised on Council and MCPS Budget Deal, But Who Cares? No one!

Below is a video clip of the Monday, May 12, 2014 Montgomery County Council Education Committee meeting.  In this clip, Committee Chair Craig Rice announces unanimous agreement of the Committee members to the Council - MCPS FY 2015 budget deal.

Watch as the representative from the County Executive's office has to interrupt Councilmember Craig Rice's happy budget talk to mention a little bit of fiscal reality.


There is a problem with the Council and MCPS budget "deal" cooked up behind closed doors.  But, let's not discuss any problems and move right to the press conference that was already set up for after this meeting.  

Tomorrow may never come!


  1. And what pray tell will happen to retired teachers' pensions when the 26 million is not repaid?

    1. Please don't ask questions until after the election.

      Just vote back in all of the Apple Ballot candidates and don't ask any questions.

  2. Can't help but notice that Phil Andrews, the self-described savior of the County's budget, thinks this is a great idea. So what if it kicks the can down the road? Maybe Phil should think beyond the issue of the MOE to what the larger picture is.

  3. Actually, he should think about the MOE issues. This plan does raise the MOE level for MCPS. When the Council makes the Trust payment next year to make up for this plan, that will then raise the MOE level by $27 million for FY 2017. The Council will then be committed to funding MCPS with an extra $27 million forever. In fact, if you read the Council packet (bottom of page 3) a line is stuck in there that acknowledges this fact.


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