Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Starr never approved any of the BOE Expense Reports?

Take a look at the documents we were supplied by MCPS showing the expense reports of two Board of Education members.  Do you see Superintendent Joshua Starr's signature on any of those forms?  According to the current Board of Education Handbook all of those expenses were supposed to signed off by the superintendent or his designee.

Why isn't Superintendent Starr doing his job and providing oversight on these expense reports?

...The expense form is reviewed and signed by the chief of staff and the 
superintendent of schools (or his designee). Whenever possible, the 
expense form must be accompanied by appropriate itemized receipts 
and phone bills. Receipts for meal expenses must indicate clearly the 
names of meeting participants and an explanation of the purpose of 
the meal...

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  1. Still waiting for the explanation and purpose of the 36 chicken wings at the College Park Buffalo Wild Wings. And "happy hour" would not be an acceptable explanation.


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