Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thousands of Free School Lunches Skipped Each Day in MCPS


  1. Thanks Ch 4 for this interesting report. Kids want to eat off campus? Why not accomodate them, with bag lunches they can take off campus quickly, rather than make them stand in line, eating up their brief lunch hour? That is being done in other districts. Why not ask the kids themselves what would get them to eat the free lunch. To save time, what about a smartcard like we have in the metro, so they can wand the card and pick up the lunch quickly and go off campus, instead of having to stand in line.

  2. What is being done in the San Francisco schools:

  3. Really good report. At my school, the principal and staff made a video to share with students so that they would know to "Take Three" in order to qualify for the FARM meal. It's not just stigma, it's ignorance, long lines and disgusting presentation. Would you like to eat food slopped directly onto a styrofoam tray every day?


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