Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BOE Off Camera Today 9-5, Working Lunch at Noon

BOE Buffet 11/13/2013
Stop by 850 Hungerford Drive in Rockville today to see the Board of Education meeting.  The meeting isn't being televised and minutes of this meeting will be sparse. The only way for the public to find out what is being discussed is to stop by and observe.

It's an open meeting under the Maryland Open Meetings Act and the public is able to observe this meeting. If you stop by around noon you can also observe the BOE's working lunch.  Check out the buffet and let us know what is on today's menu.


  1. Let us at least hope that they'll take the leftovers to a nearby home shelter.

  2. Observers should be cautioned that the Open Meetings Act allows citizens to only **watch** the meeting participants meet and eat. No public tasting allowed!

  3. I understand Wayne Goldstein, civic activist extraordinaire, always helped himself when public officials had the table set. Taxpayers can do the same. Our money, not theirs.

  4. Take it! And then let's see lots of photos plastered all over social media of county taxpayers being arrested for eating the food for which we paid. Go for it!

  5. Hopefully, it will be a stimulating and fruitful discussion.

  6. Nothing is transparent in MCPS. Under Starr it's gotten worse. Employing friends and family members (Kim Statham's daughter), unqualified staff, 4 or 5 over titled directors doing what use to be done by one director, and all because Starr is more concerned about how things look rather than wasteful spending.

    1. Are you suggesting patronage and nepotism?

  7. Kim Statham's daughter? Maybe that is who the second luxury leather computer bag was for.


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