Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Councilmember Elrich, “It baffles me. I’m shocked.”

A Montgomery County school board committee that is examining board members’ credit card practices plans to close some of its meetings to the public as it reviews elected officials’ expenses... 
...Some questioned the basis for keeping out the public.
“I don’t get the need for secrecy,” said County Council member Marc Elrich (D-At Large), a former teacher who pointed out that the credit card charges and expense records are publicly available documents. “It baffles me. I’m shocked.”


  1. Several Board members being sneaky and meeting out of the public view to discuss how to protect their own skin. This is what it looks like after reading the response from the Board President.
    It only makes me wonder what’s in Kauffman’s credit card statement. Has he made it public yet?
    Danuta Wilson

  2. 2010 General Election Results

    Marc Elrich Winner Selected
    Democratic 179,008 17.3%
    Nancy Floreen Winner Selected
    Democratic 177,572 17.2%
    George L. Leventhal Winner Selected
    Democratic 169,912 16.4%
    Hans Riemer Winner Selected
    Democratic 166,130 16.1%

  3. What was the purpose of the elections?

  4. What was the purpose? The purpose is for the real estate developers to shove money at the elected officials.

  5. If Mr. Elrich 'doesn't get the need for secrecy,' why won't he make his calendar public? He has refused. And, Mr. Elrich, why not position yourself ahead of the curb and release your expenses so the public doesn't have to MPIA them.


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